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SEOValley Helps Eyes of India Increase Revenue by 75%

Established in 2008, Eyes of India have been sourcing and handpicking a large and eclectic range of items from craftsmen and artisans in villages and cities across India. Founded by an American couple with a deep love of India and its people, Eyes of India aims to deliver the most unique, original and creative works of craftsmanship and artistry. With warehouses and offices in Jaipur, India and Los Angeles, California, we strive to choose only the highest quality pieces made with the greatest attention to detail. We hope to inspire with our selections, as well as provide additional means for artisans to sell their crafts and earn additional income.


In a retail oriented industry, the challenge was to increase the overall conversion rate of the site and get the visitors to complete the purchase process. Although, the product prices are more affordable than the competitor’s, the overall conversion rate was well under 0.40%. Various unsuccessful attempts of increasing conversion rate through discount coupons and free shipping have been made which caused negligible impact.

Inspite of having a professional site, Eyes of India realized the scope of improvement in the overall conversion rate and the kind of impact it can cause to the company’s overall revenue. Being SEO service provider for more than an year, SEOValley had already demonstrated its commitment to helping the site achieve increased traffic. Eyes of India needed a bold conversion rate optimization strategy and a broader visitor insights that would enable it to retain and grow current customer base and engage new & returning site visitors.

How SEOValley Helped

SEOValley deployed a team of professionals highly skilled in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and Web Analytics to help Eyes of India generate higher revenue with the same number of site visitors. After a detailed data analysis, it became clear that the Eyes of India’s challenge was just as complex as that of SEOValley’s regular clients. Eyes of India required a structured optimization plan following the well known conversion methodologies that would enable the global retailer to achieve better results.

The SEOValley Team began by analyzing data of last 2 years that was captured using Google Analytics. Google Analytics Certified professionals of SEOValley then interpreted the data to draw actionable insights and understood the visitor behaviour on the site. Hidden in all that data was priceless Information that was used to further identify the barriers that are hindering the pursuit of enhancing the conversion rate. Along with this, SEOValley created and performed a highly successful survey to understand and acquire genuine feedback from existing customers to identify the difficulties faced by them while completing the checkout process. The efforts put together by SEOValley in creating a compelling survey was well paid off when an overwhelming response was received from the customers, which in turn helped in improviving the overall shopping experience on the site.

In the most recent development in this relationship, SEOValley has helped Eyes of India to enhance the user engagement elements on the site and have collaboratively developed several hypotheses for site copy, graphics, and page navigation. Along with this, SEOValley is also involved in rigorous A/B testing to identify underperforming site elements and replace them with their consecuent outperformers.


By the end of 3rd month, revenue being generated through the site had increased by 75.90%. With traffic remaining almost constant, the conversion rate optimization practice followed in this period of time has resulted in this boost of site revenue.

This enhancement in site revenue was a result of significant improvement in several important metrics such as Average Order Value, Unique Purchases and the Quantity of products being purchased.

The Ecommerce Conversion Rate of the site had also improved by 39.10% which in turn resulted in enhanced revenue.

In addition to developing an effective and successful Conversion Rate Optimization strategy, SEOValley has helped Eyes of India to acquire a higher market share. By meeting its commercial targets faster and preceding the festive season has given Eyes of India the opportunity to acquire a more aggressive approach towards marketing and drive more visitors for the site, which will enhance the revenue even more.

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