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Free Press Release Checking Tool

The ‘PR Checking Tool’ is the most convenient way to find out the current status of your press release submissions. All you require is a search string which is unique for your PR (ideally the heading of your press release). Once this string has been put into the ‘search string’ box, you can select the number of results you want to see in one particular search.

For example, if you select 10 from the dropdown list in ‘number of results’, then this tool shall give you the URLs of the 10 most recent submissions of your press release.

The tool has been designed to make it easier for the client as well as the PR organizer to get the current status of any particular PR. Finding latest submissions for old PRs and sorting out those which have been repeated from last week’s search results has always proved to be a cumbersome process. The PR Checking Tool aims to remove this inconvenience. Now a client need not wait for his PR Organizer to send him the weekly submission report. All he has to do is open our PR Checking Tool and key in the heading of his PR to get all the submission details right there in front of him. And what’s more, these search results can be exported into an excel file, which makes it all the more easy to edit and organize into a full fledged report.



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