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Google Penguin and Panda is Playing a Spoilsport, We Can Help You!

The Panda and Penguin updates of Google have set the World Wide Web on fire. In an aggressive attempt to enhance the content quality and penalize manipulative links, these algorithm updates have sent the web site rankings reeling. If you have also borne a loss at SERP, the wisest step would be a Web Site Inbound Link Analysis.

The comprehensive web site inbound link analysis of SEOValley’s SEO Consultants is not for the benefits of the victims of Panda or Penguin only, but for the precautious ones as well who would rather be prepared ahead of the next refresh rather than fretting later. Our in-depth research would help in minimizing or eliminating the ruinous impact of the algorithm updates and optimizing your site for the top position at SERP. Employing state- of-the- art software like SEOMOZ, DIRGIO and MagesticSEO, our experienced SEO Consultants would analyze various onpage and offpage variables of your site and devise a strategy accordingly.

Panda Audit
Panda Update is Google’s foray in the direction of upgrading content quality and user experience. Our Panda Audit uncovers several issues which if ignored can make you suffer at the esteemed SERP.

Content Analysis
Post Panda update, relevant and quality content has become the key to your online dominance. We analyze various aspects of your content to make it compatible with the search engine algorithm.

  • Duplicate Content Analysis

SEO Technical Analysis
Through this analysis, we will identify technical snags in your web site like duplicate content, duplicate title tags or if your web pages are returning an incorrect HTTP status code. Following are a few points which would be taken into consideration while doing the analysis,

  • 301 (Permanent) Redirect Analysis
  • 302 (Temporary) Redirect Analysis
  • 404 (Client Error) Errors
  • 500 (Server Error) Errors
  • Pages Where The Title is Missing or Empty
  • Duplicate Page Content Analysis
  • Duplicate Page Title Analysis
  • Pages That have Search Engine Unfriendly URLs (> 115 characters)
  • Dynamic URL Analysis
  • Meta Refresh Analysis
  • Pages Where the Title Element is Too Short
  • Pages Where the Title Element is Too Long (> 70 Characters)
  • Pages Containing Too Many On-Page Links
  • Missing Meta Description Tag Analysis
  • Robots.txt Analysis
  • Meta-robots No Follow Analysis
  • Canonical Tags Analysis
  • Indexed URLs Analysis
  • Total URLs Receiving Traffic
  • Total Keywords Sending Traffic
  • Analysis of Excessive Use Of Javascript and CSS
  • Website’s load time Analysis

Site Architecture Analysis
Your site’s internal link structure includes the links, link juices and social metrics acquired from your marketing campaigns. Our technical analysis ensures you that your site architecture is valuable for perfect metrics distribution.

  • Structural Analysis
  • Page Rank Flow Analysis
  • Internal Anchor Text Analysis

Penguin Update Analysis
After the penguin update it has become imperative to focus on your link profiling, anchor text distribution and your competition on the SERP. Our analysis would throw light on all the possible issues that might lead to penalization and the points which can be upgraded to shine out in the plethora of cut throat competition.  Our skilled set of professionals will help you in,

  • Identifying low value and spammy links pointing to your website
  • Real Online Competition ( which you might be oblivious to)
  • Keyword Competition
  • Competitive Link Audit

For more information on our Backlinks Audit service, contact us at info@seovalley.com.