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Broadcast2world SEO Case Study

Client : Broadcast2world
URL : http://b2w.tv
Industry : Video
Campaign : Search Engine Optimization

Company Overview:

A leader in explainer videos creation, Broadcast2world is the only company in the US to have a large in-house production team. Having produced more than 7,200,000+ seconds of handcrafted video content since 2009, and 800 videos in only last 3 years, Broadcast2world was one of the first few companies to recognize the effectiveness of these short animations and what they can do for businesses. With a passion for storytelling, Broadcast2world creates animated videos of all types - Motion Comic style, Infographics, Whiteboard, Stop-motion, 2.5D and 3D etc.

The Penalty:

To expand the company’s reach in organic search results, Broadcast2world worked with SEO firms, with the intention of improving in rankings for most important keywords within the industry which would result in driving qualified traffic to the site. In this quest, SEO firms implemented tactics that were strictly against Google’s quality guidelines – buying & trading links with shady sources and link farms, overusing the most important keywords in anchor text, etc. Broadcast2world, not aware of these shady tactics, saw initial growth – improvement in rankings & traffic.

Launched by Google in April 2012, Penguin is an algorithm update Google specifically developed to catch sites that are ranking on top positions in Google’s organic search results by buying links or acquiring them from link networks. The practice of acquiring links from these link schemes, with the intention of manipulating Google’s search results, is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

As Penguin #3 rolled in October 2012, Broadcast2world lost rankings on several important keywords that were bringing in traffic to the site. After Penguin #4 & Penguin #5, rolled in May 2013, and October 2013, their organic search presence virtually wiped out, causing serious revenue loss.


When Broadcast2world came to SEOValley seeking SEO services to improve the site’s position, the situation was terrible as Broadcast2world was not ranking anywhere within Top50 positions for most important keywords. Though, the site had several good quality links acquired naturally over years, but being caught in the Penguin penalty, these links were not really helping the site rank anywhere.

Since Penguin penalty was the primary reason for the serious loss in rankings, as soon as SEOValley was signed up for SEO services, the team quickly got to work and started a massive backlinks audit. The site at the time had thousands of links – most of which were either spammy, low quality, or had exact match keywords anchor text. Once all the backlinks were reviewed and analyzed considering several quality metrics – a process that took many weeks – the low quality links were disavowed using Google’s Disavow tool. This would show Google that the site no longer wants to get any attribution from these low quality links, but since the site was penalized by Penguin and a site doesn’t get the penalty revoked until Google rolls out a refresh to Penguin algorithm, Broadcast2world didn’t yet see significant improvement in rankings. At this point, the stage was set for the site to recover from Penguin penalty as soon as it refreshes, but there was no news of such an update in the SEO community and since the business was at a major loss, consistently losing potential customers to their competitors because of their low search visibility, the client wasn’t willing to wait months, for Google to release the update.

To expedite the recovery process, SEOValley developed a domain level 301 redirection plan – with this plan, SEOValley would carefully implemented 301 redirects from existing (Penguin-hit) domain to the new domain, which was totally fresh—with no backlinks. To ensure that the penalty associated to low quality links pointed to existing domain doesn’t pass along, we disavowed all such low quality links on the new domain too.


The site recovered immediately and saw a massive jump in rankings & organic search traffic within days, and has since enjoyed increased visibility. SEOValley continued building high-quality links to the site, and it ranks on first page for some of the most competitive keywords in the animated video niche. This is what the rankings looked like after the site was migrated and 301 re-directs were made in place:

# Keywords 16-Sep-14
(Before Penalty)
(After Migration)
(Existing Rankings)
1 Animated Promotional Video Production Not in 100 14 2
2 Animated Viral Videos Not in 100 25 2
3 Animated Web Video Production Not in 100 9 3
4 Animated Web Video Production Not in 100 37 3
5 Custom Animated Videos Not in 100 Not in 100 3
6 Custom Animated Videos Not in 100 Not in 100 3
7 Custom Animated Videos Not in 100 Not in 100 4
8 Animated Video Production Not in 100 16 5
9 Animated Video Production Not in 100 17 5
10 Animated Video Production Not in 100 17 5
11 Animated Video Production Not in 100 19 5
12 Animated Video Production Company Not in 100 33 5
13 Cartoon Commercial Maker Not in 100 Not in 100 5
14 Video Production Animation Not in 100 Not in 100 5