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SEO Case Study - Capitalvisas.com


Capital Visas assists in a wide range of immigration services providing advice and legal assistance with UK immigration and visas to individual and corporate clients. They assist in a wide range of world immigration services, providing specialist advice and legal assistance around UK immigration, Australian Immigration, New Zealand Immigration, Canadian Immigration and US Immigration to individuals and corporate clients.

Client : Capital Visas
URL : http://www.capitalvisas.com/
Industry : Legal
Campaign : Search Engine Optimization


Capital Visas had a very clear plan when they approached SEOValley that is to expand their services globally with an aim to offer legal immigration services to Australia, Canada, USA, South Africa and the UK. SEO was on top of their marketing plan to achieve this goal. They were already using an SEO company but after working for some time with them the results they've been achieving have flattened and it is for this reason that they wanted to use SEOValley's experience and expertise in SEO to apply some unique plans to improve the rankings further and boost the traffic on the website. In the client's own words - "Our previous SEO guys promised a host of SEO technique but did not deliver on all of them".



They had some respectable rankings when they contacted SEOValley but were not ranked in the Top 10 on Google for several important keywords. With a clear cut goal of improving the rankings for the keywords already being used by the current SEO Company, finding unique ways to improve the rankings further along with a target to increase the visitors by multiple folds we set on sail to make this campaign a success for everyone involved.



After discussion with the client we finalized a set of 60 keywords with defined timeline for first page rankings for each of them. We first set a plan to get more number of quality backlinks through various off-page activities. This also included embarking a budget for backlinks through paid services such as paid PR publishing, paid directory listings on dir.yahoo.com etc. The previous SEO Company didn't touch the page structure which was not quite well designed from the SEO perspective. The SEOValley team started with identifying the best landing pages for each or a group of keywords and made recommendation to improve the page elements such as heading tags, bread crumb links, meta tags, page content keyword density, keyword placement and keyword proximity.

During the thorough technical evaluation of the website, issues such as duplicate dynamic URLs, duplicate case sensitive URLs, cannonical URLs etc were cleaned on the website. One of the most crucial technical flaws which the previous SEO Company missed was to find and fix the duplicate domain/ website!



After just 4 months, the website started to rank high on the first page of Google for all the core keywords they deemed most important: UK visas, UK immigrant visa, British visas etc. We set a target for 30 keywords to get ranked on the first page of Google and within 3-4 months after SEO implementation out of 30 we managed to get 25 on the first page within 3 months. The improved rankings helped improve the traffic on the website significantly as well.


Improvement in Rankings for some of the core keywords on Google.com -
Keywords Mar10 Apr10 May10 Jun10 July10 Aug10 Sep10
Dependent visa UK 20 11 10 11 9 3 4
UK immigrant visa Not in Top 30 Not in Top 30 Not in Top 30 9 8 5 4
UK visas 13 7 7 7 6 6 4
British embassy visas 14 9 8 8 6 8 6
Sponsorship license 8 7 5 7 4 7 6
UK ancestry visa Not in Top 30 Not in Top 30 20 18 14 10 6
UK marriage immigration Not in Top 30 10 9 9 7 7 6
UK marriage visa Not in Top 30 28 29 15 10 13 6
UK marriage visas Not in Top 30 18 19 9 8 7 6
UK student visa Not in Top 30 Not in Top 30 10 10 10 11 6
British visas 17 9 9 7 7 5 7
Fiancé visas UK Not in Top 30 24 23 12 8 8 7
UK fiancé visa Not in Top 30 Not in Top 30 21 12 9 7 7
UK fiancé visas Not in Top 30 29 21 10 10 8 7
Marriage visa UK Not in Top 30 27 25 11 10 9 8
Tier 2 visa UK 30 Not in Top 30 12 13 11 11 9
UK business visa Not in Top 30 Not in Top 30 23 12 12 9 9
UK immigration Not in Top 30 Not in Top 30 20 25 14 14 9
UK spouse visas Not in Top 30 Not in Top 30 Not in Top 30 16 17 10 9


Improvement in the traffic on the website over the period of time -
  Baseline Status (May 2010) September 2010
Total Visitors on the site 19,198 30,085
Total Pageviews 79,839 90,386
Referrals from Google (non-paid) 2,033 3,891
Referrals from Yahoo (non-paid) 267 1,652
Referrals from Bing (non-paid) 74 161


Actual Graph of Referrals from the Natural Search Engines over the last 6 months -

Actual Graph of Organic Referrals (non-paid) from Google over the last 6 months -