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SEO Case Study - Abswood.com


Advanced Building Supplies, Inc is a premium Brazilian Hardwood Retailer. Their low overhead allows passing on savings to the Customers. You could always expect top quality premium grade decking with minimal imperfection or bowing from ABS.

Client : Advanced Building Supplies, Inc.
URL : http://www.abswood.com/
Industry : Manufacturing
Campaign : Search Engine Optimization


Advanced Building Supplies, Inc had a small national retail website on the web when started with us in November 2009. They wanted to increase the organic searches, and better utilize PPC. They mainly decided to go with SEOValley because of the range of SEO package we offer and the ability to put together a custom plan as well. The plan was set to optimize the website for 30 niche keywords.



The goal was to get the target keywords ranked on the first page of the top search engines and use the increased revenue from the increased sales through this campaign to develop new websites to keep the competitors at bay. The client was specifically worried by a competitor who has already developed more 50 websites for the core keywords in his industry such as “ipe decking”, “Garapa decking” etc.



Embarking on a 30 keyword campaign, SEOValley team draw up the plan -

  • Define very business-specific keywords and phrases for generic and specific product searches to base search optimization efforts on.
  • Conduct a full website SEO audit to identify all structural code barriers (i.e. html) and creating on page strategy for targeted keywords and phrases.
  • Audit activity on a monthly basis measuring key performance indicators and providing monthly client progress reports.
  • Planning and executing off-page activities to drive more quality backlinks to the website.



Before hiring SEOValley none of the target keywords were rankings anywhere within the top 10 positions on any top search engines. We were able to beat out their main competitors on most high value keywords and achieve high rankings for most of the core keywords within 3 months of the start of the campaign. Client is so excited to see the results that we are at this stage working on developing more websites targeting specifically 1 or 2 main keywords per website.

Improvement in Rankings for some of the core keywords on Google.com -
Keywords Nov09 Sep10
Alabama deck Not in top 10 6
Brazilian deck Not in top 10 7
Carolina deck Not in top 10 5
Cedar timber Not in top 10 8
Cumaru decking Not in top 10 10
Garapa decking Not in top 10 3
Garapa Not in top 10 3
Hardwood deck Not in top 10 4
Ipe Not in top 10 4
Ipe deck Not in top 10 4
Ipe decking Not in top 10 5
Ipe wood deck Not in top 10 4
Jatoba deck Not in top 10 1
Jatoba decking Not in top 10 1
Tigerwood decking Not in top 10 4
Wood decking Not in top 10 6

Improvement in the traffic on the website over the period of time -
  Baseline Status (Nov 2009) September 2010
Total Visitors on the site 3,049 8,604
Total Pageviews 15,480 30,246
Referrals from Google (non-paid) 995 3,850
Referrals from Yahoo (non-paid) 313 637
Referrals from Bing (non-paid) 59 263
Bounce Rate 47% 40%


Actual Graph of Referrals from the Natural Search Engines since the start of the campaign -


Actual Graph of Organic Referrals (non-paid) from Google since the start of the campaign -